Being a neutral and independent NVOCC you especially benefit from our optimal shipping solutions, which we offer you first hand. We offer you our own weekly direct consolidation container services to various main ports worldwide and vice versa from the main ports worldwide to Hamburg.

Our worldwide network along with numerous alliances with specialists in each port allow us to maintain a strong market position also in far-off markets.

European Trucking Services

Upon receiving the consolidation containers from overseas into our warehouse, we unload your cargo and distribute cargo to final destination throughout all of Europe.

With our national and international trucking and multimodal solutions we have daily deliveries to get your cargo to the final point and destination – wherever you need it.

At the same time we arrange for immediate pick up of your cargo at any place in Europe for delivery to our warehouse in Hamburg and loading into our consolidation container services to the designated place of delivery as per your requirements.


In case of time-sensitive and very urgent cargo, which needs to be flown to destination, our airfreight team of Air Master Shipping will support you.

Our qualified and certified airfreight team is dedicated to ensure that your cargo is flown to the designated destination in time with the best choice of airline.

Any additional service, from pick-up to customs clearance, will be added as to your request.

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